What would happen if you never sleep?

Remember when your patients used to tell you to sleep  as a kid and we never listened to them . Well as we grow up we realize that they were right . So , today we are going to discuss the effect on our body if we did not sleep at all .

We all know we need to sleep to make us fresh and full of energy. It’s a necessity in everyone’s life but what would happen if you didn’t sleep? Like, scientifically, what would your body do if you just never slept? Would you actually die?

What would happen if you stopped sleeping?

Most importing thing is that you will have missed out on one of the biggest benefits of sleep that is feeling fresh in the morning!
Next thing is that sleep is vital for healthy physical, mental and emotional processing. When we go without sleep, or have insufficient sleep, our body will struggle to perform to their full potential and we can expect a significant decrease in our physical and mental performance the next day.
There is a rare disease that causes insomnia that people can die from called Fatal Familial Insomnia, though there have only been a few cases reported. So there is no need to worry.
Lack of sleep can also cause hormone dis-balances in our body , because during sleeping is the only time were our body can produce maximum growth and repair any damaged muscle . For example, Human Growth Hormone peaks during sleep meaning that insufficient sleep may affect growth and cell-repair throughout the body.Also, your metabolism may be affected as well.

 What happens to the brain when you don’t sleep?

 Research has suggested that normal functioning is likely to be hindered by loss of sleep.Such as reduced energy levels , unstable moods and excessive sleepiness during the day have all been observed in people who haven’t slept.
Excessive sleepiness can be especially be dangerous as it tends to be preceded by frequent lapses in focus before individuals fall into a short episodes of sleep, also known as ‘micro-sleeps’. This can cause some serious accidents .
 If you want to look and feel your best, just sleep for that ideal 6-8 hours a night.

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