10 Habits for Improving the Quality of your Life

How can we Improve the Quality of our Life?

If you want to improve the quality of your life, you must do so using good habits. You have to eliminate bad habits and form good habits. Remember that good habits takes timer to build but last longer and benefits us in the long run  , but bad habits are easy to build and harder to leave and can harm our quality of life in the long run.

Good habits help to foster an increased level of happiness, vitality, health, income, and leisure. It just won’t happen overnight.

10 Tips to Improve the quality of your life.

1. Being positive

Positive Thinking Is Good for Your Health. Positive thinking benefits health, some suggest that positive people might lead healthier lifestyles. By coping better with stress and avoiding unhealthy behaviors, they are able to improve their health and well-being.

2.Smile,smile and smile…..

Smile, even when you feel stressed . We all know the magic of smile right . Smiling helps to send a strong impulse to the mind, which then alters your mood. it is proved that people who hold a genuine smile on their faces had lower heart rates after stressful activities.


Celebrating is a wonderful way to share love with others & incorporate more play in our lives. Celebrating our joy can give us more happiness than anything else. So celebrate more often.

4. Get Up Earlier

If you are a person who likes to get up late in the morning , now it is the time to change yourself. Getting up early can help you massively . You will have time to think about yourself , or  you will have time to finish your work early giving you the rest of the day free.

5.Set a goal for yourself

Setting a goal is crucial, as it allows you to discover what you want out of life! By setting goals you can see what you really want to achieve and then you can use those goals to remind yourself on a daily basis of what is meaningful in your life, and what you need to be doing regularly to achieve those goals.

6.Have some time for yourself

You may have a busy life with your work, family and other commitments and it  seems impossible to take time for yourself . But trust me , book in an hour for yourself. Write it in your diary or do something you like doing .

7.Learn something new

Learning something new not only make you smarter but will make you happier and confident.

8.Know yourself

Lot of people ignore this and move on , but in order to be successful you should know your strength and weakness and try to improve it.

9. Help Someone

Helping other people does enhance our lives .  So , Giving up your time for someone else, or for a good cause, will improve your life by bringing real value and impact, and giving you a sense of purpose.

10. Respect yourself

Love yourself by treating your body with respect & care , because nothing is more important than yourself in this world .


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  1. I need to work on the “getting up earlier” part. Haha! I agree with all of these! Thank you!

  2. Setting goals has always been my downfall because I treat them like New Year’s resolutions, so I feel like I’m always setting myself up to fail! I loved all your tips, though, and can see how implementing them would improve my life. Thanks for sharing.

    • It’s really means a lot to me.

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