The Butterfly Effect And how Can It Change Our Life…

What really is The Butterfly Effect?

The butterfly effect states that “small causes can have larger effects” , that is even when a butterfly moves its wings, it can cause a cyclone in another part of the world. But if we think carefully about this theory and compare it with our life and it’s choices , we will see how important this theory can be and what impact can it do to our lives .

Applying The Butterfly Effect to our daily lives…

The future is very sensitive and highly dependent on the present as events that might seem insignificant now can completely transform the future.

Have you ever thought what effect your today actions will have ten years from now? The fact is that most people have never thought about this.

Short-term pleasure has castrated people brains so they never consider how one action, one single step can impact their whole life.

A tiny choice that you take today can be the foundation of a sequence of millions of events and consequent choices that shape your future.

For example , the choice of going to the gym and improving your physique could lead to improved health overtime. A repetition of this action for years would help to develop your sense of dedication, commitment and hard work. That’s a power that could be used in other areas of your life like the financial one.

Just like a drop of water can create an ocean , same goes for our decision and the choices we make in our entire life . A small choice could lead to a massive change in the future . So, choices made today impact our future.

The way we chose to live, the way we react to a situation all has bearing on our future circumstances, and that of the world we live in. If this concept of the butterfly effect is enticing to you, you should just try to do the best that you can and ensure that your actions and thoughts carry with them a good pure intention.



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