What is Graphics Card ? And how does it works ?

Modern games graphic are just amazing now a days , especially on PC . But not all computers have the capabilities or the requirements to handle this graphics . But , Why is that ? Well it’s because of the graphic card .

Computer graphic have come along a long-long way and it’s obvious that a good graphic card can go a very long way in providing us with a good and a high graphic game experience . But how …..

What Exactly Is a Graphic Card ?

A graphics card is a set of computer chips on a circuit board roughly the size of an index card. The chips are dedicated to a single task: to take video data from the PC’s processor and convert it to signals for your monitor. Though most computers have graphics chips built into the motherboard, their capabilities are usually basic.

Graphic designers, gamers and multimedia enthusiasts typically purchase more sophisticated graphics cards; these plug into the motherboard and deliver faster graphics processing and better image quality.

Types of graphics cards

Integrated – Graphics built into the motherboard where no add-in card is used. You’ll find these built into most ‘standard’ laptops and computers, they are a cost-effective model but cannot be easily upgraded.

Discrete – An add-in graphics card that is installed on to the motherboard as an extra component. Ideal for those wanting to modify their system by upgrading the graphics cards.

So, Why Do You Need A Graphics Card?

You might wonder whether you need a graphics card to edit a video or to play your favorite game. Truth be told, nothing improves your computer gaming ability and performance like graphics card.

So , we need graphic card for:-

  • Better gaming: If you are looking for a good experience in the gaming sector, then you should install a graphics card into your Desktop.
  • Better video performance: Another reason you might need computer graphics is video editing and to play them better. Good graphics card helps you in editing video in the shortest time possible.
  • Free up memory: Some inbuilt graphics card comes with their own memory which is used in storing pixels and complete images temporary. This leaves more room for the computer to use on other functions.
  • Good computing experience: Graphics card boost the computing experience by integrating new graphical features.

What is GPU ?

GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. It’s the brain of the graphics card and is what creates the visuals you see on the screen.  How powerful those GPU’s are will vary on the model you select.

The GPU works as a translator, it takes data coming from the CPU and transforms it into imagery. More complex visuals, like you find in high-definition games require more complex and quicker GPU’s to accommodate the stream of data.

What is VRAM ?

The graphics card’s GPU has its own memory, called Video RAM. It serves as a temporary holding area for video data as the GPU generates each image.

As the graphics card doesn’t need to share memory with the main processor, VRAM improves the computer’s overall performance. Because it processes hundreds of millions of bytes of video data every second, VRAM is fast and tends to be more expensive than standard memory.


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