What Happens If You Don’t Shut Down Your Computer Properly?

In this article we will explain why it is important to shutdown your computer properly.

So , can an unexpected shutdown potentially harm your computer?

The answer to this question YES , it is a very, very bad idea to shutdown your computer by unexpectedly .

In order to understand why this is such a bad idea, you need to understand a little about what a computer normally does during a standard Windows shutdown and why it needs to do these things when you shutdown your computer.

During normal running,
– a computer hard disk is rotating thousands of times a minute
– the little arm that reads and writes data to the hard disk is moving backwards and forwards all the time
– Windows has many files open for reading and writing
– Windows may be reading and writing to the system registry

During a normal shutdown, (amongst doing many other things)
– Windows closes any files it was reading or writing
– Windows closes any access it has to the system registry
– the little hard disk arm is parked carefully at one side of the disk

So in comparison, what does shutting down the computer unexpectedly do?

Shutting down the computer unexpectedly cuts power immediately to the whole computer.

What effect does this have?
Any files that Windows was writing to may now have incomplete or corrupt data, because you didn’t allow it to finish writing properly.

If Windows was writing to the registry, the system registry may now have incomplete or corrupt data because you didn’t allow it to finish writing.

The hard disk arm, not being allowed to park by the side of the disk, may scratch or damage the spinning disk, causing data to become corrupt.

When a computer is performing an update, it is adding to or changing files in the registry or other areas of the computer, correcting bugs or including new features. If you stop in the middle of this process, the files that were being edited are now incomplete and unable to perform their assigned task.

Sometimes the computer can resume or reverse and update, and other times it can get caught in a boot loop, unable to boot into Windows or access your user profile. If your user profile is corrupted, you will get an error message that the profile can’t be loaded or perhaps that the password is incorrect, even if you’re positive that you typed it correctly.

An unexpected shutdown can be caused by power outages, brown outs, depleted laptop battery or removed power cord, accidentally hitting the power button, or the computer encountering some kind of problem that forces itself to shut down. Because of the issues that can occur with an improper shut down, the only time to utilize the hard shut down (holding the power button until it turns off), is if the computer totally freezes or otherwise becomes unusable. Sometimes turning a computer off and on again will allow it to reset itself.

So that’s not a good thing. So , don’t be so lazy. Shut out down properly.

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