Fate of the universe: How will it end?

The Earth is just one planet inside the solar device, the solar is just considered one of masses of billions of stars within the galaxy, and there are masses of billions of galaxies inside the observable universe. What’s in save for all of that? How does the universe give up?

Don’t panic, but our planet is doomed. But it’s simply going to take a while. more or less a billion years from now, the Earth will likely be vaporized while the dying solar expands into a crimson massive and engulfs our planet.

There are loads of acknowledged cosmic occasions that might obliterate the existence on our planet.Gamma ray bursts, a close-by supernova, and on and on. However, the possibilities of Earth suffering a lifestyles-ending global catastrophe are virtually as an alternative narrow.

But we understand that it is coming. in line with astronomers, the solar’s luminosity will increase by using approximately 6% each billion years. while 6% won’t seem like a good deal, it’s enough to render our planet inhospitable to life as we are aware of it in 1.1 billion years.

The cease of the whole thing else, although, is a touch bit more difficult to are expecting, but that hasn’t stopped scientists from speculating and theorizing.

The Big Bounce

In The Big Bounce the gravity slows the enlargement of the universe and condenses the whole thing back into one unmarried factor. In this concept, the force of that rapid compression is enough to start off another big bang, and the universe begins once more. on this version, things aren’t in reality destroyed, just “recycled.”

Physics doesn’t like this explanation, so a few scientists have claimed that possibly the universe doesn’t move the entire manner lower back to a singularity. rather, it gets very close and is then repelled by a pressure just like the one that repels a ball whilst you jump it off the ground. This “Big Bounce” might be very just like a Big Bang, and would, in concept, produce a new universe. in this oscillating universe theory, our universe could be the primary universe in a sequence, or it could be the 100th universe. There might be no way to tell.

The Big Freeze

Some other popular scenario for the end of the universe that is predicated on deciphering the genuine nature of dark energy is The Big Freeze .

In this state of affairs, the universe continues to enlarge at an ever-increasing speed. As this happens, the warmth is dispersed at some stage in area while galaxies, stars, and planets are all pulled farther and further from each other.Everything would be so far that the light from distant stars and galaxies will never reach each other.

Eventually, planets, stars, and galaxies would be pulled so apart that it would get any access to raw material to star formation and will eventually die out.

It’ll get colder and colder till the temperature all through the universe reaches absolute zero. At absolute zero, all movement stops. nothing can exist in such an area, as there may be actually no power. in any respect. anywhere.

That is the factor at which the universe would reach a most kingdom of entropy. as opposed to fiery cradles, galaxies might end up coffins packed with the remnants of dead stars.

Many scientists (astronomers and physicists alike) accept as true with this is one of the most probably scenarios.

The Big Rip

Our universe is expanding. It takes place due to a mysterious form of energy understand as “Dark Energy.” We don’t know what it’s far however, each year, this dark energy is reasons the rate of growth to growth.

Regardless of how the world ends, scientists sense the want to use the word “huge” to explain it. In this principle, an unseen force referred to as “dark energy” is causing the accelerating expansion of the universe that we’ve discovered. In the end, the acceleration quickens so much that, just like the company at warp aspect 9, it could’t take any extra and rips itself apart into nothingness.

The scariest part of this principle is that, even as maximum of these scenarios take vicinity lengthy after the celebrities have burned out and not anything is left besides, the big Rip is scheduled to manifest in some other 16 billion years.

At this segment within the universe’s lifestyles, planets will nonetheless exist. And this universe-wide cataclysm should burn them alive, tear them aside, or feed them to the space lions that live between universes. It’s anyone’s wager. but it’s sure to be a much greater violent dying than the slow warmth dying the majority had been awaiting.


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  1. You are very knowledgable about the earth and big bounce and freeze, never knew about this though.

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  3. Thank you for sharing such an informative piece. The temperature and climatic conditions that you have so beautifully described would cease to support life much sooner. As such, there’d be no witnesses. What starts off as a theory, ends as a mystery!

  4. Very interesting to ponder, and I don’t think climate change is being considered. Even in our generation there are slight changes happening.

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  6. very interesting theories although im in great relief that these might happen in billion years away.

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  10. Looks like you are a space/universe/science person. Everytime my husband watch space shows or talks about space and universe and science over all I felt lost, especially when he watch Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    • Our universe is really interesting as it’s full of mystery yet to be solved

  11. When you first said on the first line ‘don’t panic’. I just did. Lol.

    This probably is bound to happen. But what we can do now is just take care of it as much as we can to be able to help preserve it longer – even just for a few months or years. Little steps count.

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