Now it is possible to shoot lasers from the eyes with these experimental contact lenses !!

Scientists can be close to making one of our early life fantasies a truth. Who could have the idea that the future of biometric security systems might contain cows capturing lasers out of their eyes? A crew from the university of St Andrews in Scotland say they’ve evolved a skinny film natural laser-emitting layer that could work on nearly any surface even in your eyes.

Since the laser lenses may be made to emit a nicely defined aggregate of numerous wavelength of laser light, they might potentially be useful for authentication technology.

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The laser emitters are essentially stickers consisting of a natural semiconducting polymer similar to the flexible OLED displays in smartphones and TVs. The membrane is  1/5,000th of a millimeter thick, and it comes near theoretical limits in weight and thickness for laser emission. They’re also long-lasting enough to integrate with different devices, subsequently the touch lenses.

It has semiconducting polymer fluorescence when exposed to light ,turns into laser. So the it doesn’t even need a battery.

In assessments concerning the cows’ eyes, the contact lenses had been able to emit an inexperienced laser beam onto a display placed 50 centimeters away.

You’ve likely seen the warnings throughout lasers now not to point them at your eye. So, clearly setting a laser for your eye could be a bad idea, right?

The team also thought about this before they even advised the opportunity. The laser output from the membrane is of low sufficient intensity that it does not damage your retina. Of course, they haven’t caught it in human eye yet. But take a look at run, they used a cow eye to test the laser lenses.

The membrane lasers should perform in environments other than the human eye. The group also construct the lasers right into a £5 note in which it may do a lot the same process. It generates a scannable laser barcode that authenticates the bill and forestalls counterfeiting.

The researchers showed that the membrane will be tuned to produce a particular pattern of strains and wavelengths by adjusting the grating systems. That makes it kind of like a barcode. That could permit for advanced biometric id for people carrying laser contacts. Inside the future, you can also consider contact lens lasers as part of augmented truth structures.

The main impediment to magical future laser eyes is that this is a static gadget. Mild equals laser emission. There’s no programmability, so changing the laser conduct approach fabricating a new membrane. Nevertheless, it’s a laser suit in your eye.

It also raises the question: What will you do if you have a laser in your eye? 

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  1. Wow what an interesting find this is, didn’t even know this was all possible

    • Our technology is advancing rapidly there is many things we didn’t know yet

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  4. Wow, just when you think you’ve heard just about everything, something wild beyond belief comes up!

  5. Wow..this is so cool! Thanks for sharing this info that I had no idea existed..:P

  6. What?! That is crazy! Why would anyone want to shoot lasers from their eyes? lol

    • Well to look cool ofcourse 😁 and it is also useful for authentication technology.

  7. That’s really interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow! Technology has seriously come a long way! I’m still leery about regular contacts, much less laser ones. LOL!

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  10. Welcome to the future. What’s next?

  11. That’s so freaky! I’m not sure I understand the need, but technological advances are certainly interesting!

  12. this is dangerous and cool at the same time. is there anything that technology can’t do?

    • Is not that dangerous . Thoug scientists have not tested in humans yet. But in animals it proved safe.

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  15. This is so interesting. I love all the new technology we care coming up with.

  16. This post is helpful and informative…thank you

  17. I wear contact lenses more than 3 years because I have a poor eye sight but this is cool!

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