Is social media really hurting your mental health…

Since the rise of social media it shaped and changed the way we communicate and interact with each other completely.

Every day, masses of millions of people report and share their experiences on social media platforms . Social media let us stay in touch with our friends and make new relationships like never before.

However those will increase in communication and social connection may additionally come at a fee. In a new paper posted in the journal of Experimental Social Psychology, researchers confirmed that those who documented and shared their stories on social media fashioned much less specific recollections of these activities.

In a series of  research led by of Diana Tamir of Princeton university, researchers explored how taking photographs and motion pictures for social media affects people’s enjoyment, engagement and memory of those studies.

The participants had been requested to document their studies in numerous specific approaches: to take snap shots or notes of the event, to document the occasion however now not save it or to share the event on social media or to mirror internally. They have been then requested how they loved the experience, how an awful lot they maintained concentration or if their thoughts, after which they took a quiz to check their memory.

Tamir and her team determined that sharing studies on social media did not appear to affect how many people  felt that they’d loved the experience or have been engaged. However, people who wrote down, recorded or shared their reviews carried out about 10% worse on their memory tests across all experiments.

Is it really because of social media ?

The researchers concluded that  probably the memory loss was not fully social media’s fault , as even taking images or writing experiential notes with out publishing them confirmed the identical results.

Simply interrupting the celebration in didn’t appear to harm, due to the fact people who had been advised to reflect  internally with out writing retained as lots records as those who watched it commonly. Instead, it was the act of externalizing their experience — this is, reproducing it in any form — that seemed to lead them to lose something of the unique revel in.

It’s rooted within the concept of transactive memory, which describes how we share up statistics between inner storage (our personal brains) and external garage (some thing else, from notepads to fb to other people’s brains). some other observe observed, as an instance, that once facts may be recalled at the clicking of a button, our brains tend to dismiss remembering the data and instead get stuck onto the button-pressing method. The danger is that although our brains like shortcuts, outside memory is best as reliable as it’s far available.

So what is the positive side of social media…

At instances, it’s easy to point out the bad side of social media and get us down and questioning why we signed up for in the first place .

Social media has many advantages when used nicely and in moderation. Social media at its best evokes us to grow personally and professionally.

It additionally complements our non-public relationships, as it maintains us in touch with buddies and household whom we would otherwise have confined touch with.

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  1. Interesting post 🙂 I think it’s great that you’ve got some references to studies in there, but it would have been nice to have had some comparisons from studies about the positive side of social media to balance it out. It would be interest to maybe to see a follow up post about it.

    • Thanks 😊. I will surely keep your idea in mind and write a follow up post.

  2. I definitely think social media is harmful to mental health, especially for women. I always make Sundays a SM-free day to regain my perspective!

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