Bionic arm that can grow with you…

Modern technology has evolved to a whole new level and will continue to evolve in the future. Be it cars , computers or any electronics , it has never failed us.

One of the feats of modern engineering that can be life-changing for the people who use them is the bionic arm . Now it’s not just a bionic arm , it a bionic arm that can grow with the patients . That sounds crazy but that’s really true.

The world’s first clinically tested, medically certified, and FDA registered 3D-printed bionic arm.

The new lightweight layout by way of Open-Bionics uses a 3-D printer to create the hand in four separate parts, custom-built to match the affected person the use of scans in their body. Sensors connected to the skin locate the person’s muscle movements, which can be used to govern the hand and open and near the hands.

Each Arm is custom-built. It’s at ease, adjustable and breathable too, which means it’s clean to tackle and stale whilst imparting you with the quality possible fit.

Despite the fact that the Arm is powered with the aid of space grade motors, advanced software program and lengthy-lasting batteries, it’s far lightweight and awesome smooth. The  Arm feels like part of you. And it’s strong too, capable of raise up to 8 kilograms.

Now doesn’t that sounds cool and fascinating . Now people can play and work with sharp object without worrying about loosing any of their parts …..right…nah I still think that our god-gifted body parts are the best.

This bionic arm can help many people and children to work with their disabilities and can help them to blend in with our society.

But looking at the technological advancement it seems like years are not far were we can see many people transform themselves into a human cyborg .

You guys can check about that bionic arm here:-

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