Magnetars: The strongest magnets in the universe

16 thousand light years away in the constellation lies a very puzzling object . It is a remains of a star that is at-least 30 times more massive than our own sun which exploded as an supernova some were in the distant past only leaving behind a highly dense neutron star .

But a star that big instead of forming a black-hole formed a unusual spinning object known as magnetars. Which is easily one of the most highly magnetic object in our entire universe . These magnetars emits huge flares up and out across the field-lines that is millions of times more powerful than anything in our entire solar system.

But How do magnetars acquire such high magnetic fields?

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Neutrons stars shape under extreme condition. During the supernova core disintegrate, the core is crushed by the gravity so much that temperature and density skyrocket.

Since the core is crushed to a smaller size while retaining approximately the same mass, the rotation rate is extraordinarily excessive . Neutron stars are recognized to rotate round themselves from a few milliseconds to a seconds.

The new, dense neutron fluid in the middle churns and mixes unexpectedly because of convection and the big name’s rotation. Given the right rotation fee, temperature and magnetic field, a dynamo mechanism like for the Earth’s or solar’s magnetic fields can growth the neutron superstar’s magnetic area to magnetar degrees.

How strong are magnetars?

How strong you ask? Take a star’s regular magnetic field, and squish it down. on every occasion you squish, you get a stronger discipline, simply as you get better densities. And we’re squishing some thing from star-length (a million kilometers or miles, take your pick) to city-size (like, 25 kilometers — just 15 miles). Plus, with all the exciting physics going on in the interiors, complicated methods can perform to expand the magnetic field, so that you can consider simply how sturdy those fields get.

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Simply, you do not have to imagine, because I am about to tell you. Lets start with some thing acquainted:

The Earth’s magnetic subject. It  is round 1 gauss. It’s not a lot unique for the solar: some to three hundred gauss, depending on in which on the area you are. An MRI is 10,000 gauss. The most powerful human-made magnetic fields are approximately some 100,000 gauss. In fact, we cannot make magnetic fields stronger than one million gauss or so with out our machines simply breaking down from the strain.

Let’s cut to the chase: A neutron celebrity consists of a whopping trillion-gauss magnetic subject.

That is crazy right.

But that’s not all …..

Now, we finally get to enter magnetars. It doesn’t take a genius to guess it that they’re especially magnetic: up to 1 quadrillion gauss. That’s 1,000 trillion times stronger than the magnetic field you’re sitting in right now.

This makes the magnetars the winner of the Strongest Magnets In The Universe contest .

It doesn’t stop there. With the atoms all screwed up, normal molecular chemistry is just a no-go. Covalent bonds? And the magnetic fields can drive enormous bursts of high-intensity radiation. So, generally that’s really bad .

If you go too close to one (say, within 1,000 kilometers, or about 600 miles),  the magnetic fields are strong enough to upset not just your bio-electricity . That is not only rendering your nerve impulses completely useless — but your very molecular structure.


So , as I said magnetars are really strong magnets and is kinda scary . It is definitely not a place were you can go for a vacation to enjoy . So , please don’t go near them . You have been WARNED.

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