IS quantum internet really a thing?

Now before you start reading this article . You may be wondering that…

What is Quantum Internet?

It is a network that sends information not in the form qubits(quantum bit), not in normal regular bits .
In the simplest terms, it will involve multiple system trying to establish a connection between each other in the form of quantum signals.

A quantum internet is said to be faster and more secure. Researchers at the Center for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology have made a breakthrough in creating a quantum internet using Erbium, which is a chemical element (symbol Er and atomic number 68), commonly used as a photographic filter. This research from the Australian team demonstrates how to dramatically improve the storage time of a telecom-compatible quantum memory, a vital component of a global quantum network.

But experts haven’t really figured out what it will do beyond that.
Because so much of the technology is still in its infancy. Physicists still can’t control and manipulate quantum signals very well. 
They also aren’t sure how they’d transmit signals efficiently between the systems of the future quantum web. Also they are quiet expensive.

A new experiment carried out between satellites in orbit and a station on the ground.The team of scientists was able to exchange several carefully managed photons in pulses of infrared light.

They made signals to pass through some 20,000 kilometers in the air and space without any interference . And the result are promising that such a global network could indeed be functional.

The use of passive retro-reflectors mounted on the satellites to keep the long-distance light signals intact was The key to the successful data exchange.

So , the experts are still not sure for the future of this quantum internet. But we can surely tell the it will be one big thing in the near future.

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