What would happen to our universe if time stood still ?

The first thing that would come to your mind after seeing this topic is – SUPERHEROES like flash,Dr.Strange etc.

How cool would that be ? What would really happen if it hypothetically comes true ? What are it’s possibilities ?

What if time stood still ?

First of all let me clarify that it is not really possible and is not really going to happen.

Stopping physical impossible . Thanks to the law of nature.

But lets us assume just for the sake of this article that we are able to stop time . What would happen then??

Situation 1:

So in this situation everyone around us is frozen solid ; not even moving a single muscle ; water stops flowing ;wind stops blowing and the earth stop rotating ; even the molecules and atoms stop moving.

Only person that is not affected by it is you. Well , now you would think that your life is awesome … everything would become so easy for you . There would be no hurry for you to go to you work, college or school. You can easily rob a bank and no one will be there to catch you . There would be nothing for you to worry about .

Sounds great and pretty exciting right ? Well if that’s the case then you would would be disappointed to hear that you are WRONG.

You’ll think that your life seems great , until you take your first step which unfortunately you can’t , since you wouldn’t be able to part the air molecules around you . Thus making you immobile.

You wouldn’t be able to breathe in air, as all the molecules are frozen in time. For which you will soon start to suffocate.

You will scream out for help (forgetting you are the only person still conscious) and find that no sound can vibrate through the air, as it is incapable of using the atmosphere as a transmitter of sound waves.

You wouldn’t be able to see anything as light would stop traveling by…So you won’t be getting any photons reflected from the world around you on your retina and thus your eyes won’t be receiving any input.

And lastly you would freeze to death, since no molecules would be vibrating, so there’ll be no thermal energy in your surroundings.

Doesn’t sound really good does it?

Situation 2:

Let us now make this little a easy . Now in this situation let us assume that you could move around freely without any problem ; have vision, breath air and not freeze to death.

Let us now put entire electromagnetic spectrum back in motion since
heat radiation is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, in which our visible light also lies – otherwise you would be unable to see, as photons would not be moving into your eyes.

If you had the ability to move, you could move into the light and capture it as you move along, since the light is constant you could move around and capture light from every direction around you. 

Feeling like you have the power of gods now? You’d better not.

After few seconds you will realize that you are no longer affected by gravity. When Newton first described gravity in Principia.

Every particle of matter in the universe attracts every other particle with a force that is directly proportional to the product of the masses of the particles and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.  

The force was believed to move instantaneously across space, having no speed limit .

Since light is constant and not moving , that would mean that even the slightest movement would mean that you are going faster than light. This would mean that you would produce an enormous amount of energy and mass. As a result you might just disintegrate instantly .

Not really a great idea.

Is there any way to stop time?

One way to “stop time” is just to take a simple picture with a camera or a smartphones or laptops.


You could just simply wish to put everything near a black hole. As you throw something into a black hole, as it got closer and closer to the black hole it would appear to slow down.  But from its perspective, you would speed up.


It is physically impossible to stop time . As it goes against the law of nature and the universe. And even if we did we would never come to know.

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