Is it possible to travel through blackhole ALIVE???

Backhole a term everyone is familiar with . It’s just so fascinating and never fails to amuse us . It has always been a mystery to us in many science friction blackhole is shown to be a portal to another dimension .

But before we start lets understand the formation of blackhole

How are blackhole formed?

Black hole is formed by dying stars. A star with a mass way greater than the mass of our Sun can produce a black hole at the end of its life.

In the normal life of a star there is a constant pressure and stress between gravity pulling in and pressure pushing out. Nuclear reactions in the core of the star produce enough energy and pressure to push outward. For most of a star’s life, gravity and pressure balance each other exactly, and so the star is stable. However, when a star runs out of nuclear fuel, gravity gets the upper hand and the material in the core is compressed even further. The more massive the core of the star, the greater the force of gravity that compresses the material, collapsing it under its own weight.

Thus forming a blackhole .

So is it possible to come out of blackhole alive…

By any chance if you are stuck or got stuck inside a black hole , all you have to do is to stay absolutely calm because the chances are that you are going to die .

Black hole’s gravity is so strong that absolutely nothing—not even light—can escape once inside.

As you enter a black hole you will experience a tremendous pull . This pull would create powerful tidal forces that would stretch you until they pulled you apart in a messy process called spaghettification .

The definition of a black hole is that no object can escape from its gravitational pull in a region of space, no matter how fast that object goes, even if it moves at the speed of light. That border between where an object could and an object couldn’t escape is what’s known as an event horizon, and every black hole has one.

But it is possible however to enter a black hole and not die. It means that mean is that you can pass the event horizon before you would be pulled apart by the strong gravity and again die.

So ultimately the answer is if you are lucky enough to go in a really big blackhole you may be alive for some time.

In conclusion I won’t really recommend anyone to go anywhere near the blackhole as it could be dangerous and life threatening .

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