A Journey through a wormhole…

The term wormhole are insanely famous in science friction world and is a term that is heard by everyone . The concept of wormhole has been introduced in many movies like Interstellar, Star Trek etc.

But what is a wormhole?

A wormhole is a tunnel like passage through the space-time that could lead to a distant galaxy journeys across the universe. Wormholes are predicted by the theory of general relativity.

Einstein’s theory of relativity mathematically predicts the existence of wormholes, however none are discovered up to now. A negative mass wormhole might be noticed by the way its gravity affects light that passes by.

Einstein and physicist Nathan Rosen used the theory of general relativity to elaborate on the idea, proposing the existence of “bridges” through space-time.  The shortcuts came to be called Einstein-Rosen bridges.

Physicist John Wheeler gave the term “wormhole” in the 1960s when he was studying Einstein-Rosen bridges. He noted that the bridges holds similarities to the holes that worms bore through apples. Like an ant crawling from one side of the apple to another can either plod all the way around its curved surface, or take a shortcut through the worm’s tunnel. An Einstein-Rosen bridge is a tunnel through the bulk that lets travelers take a quicker path between two points in space.

Can you travel through wormhole…

When you travel trough a wormhole, you negate the known rules of the space-time continuum and travel to a distant place in an instant. So with accelerating one end of the wormhole, you might also have a trip in time. 

But wormhole is extremely unstable and requires a tremendous amounts of energy . It is also extremely small not even subatomic particle can make it.

And also inside should be filled with high-energy particles. So going inside a wormhole can make you fried to a crisp.

What if you can travel through wormhole…

In order to create a stable wormhole,we need some sort of exotic material with negative mass and so far, physicists have no idea what this might be.

Physicists have tried to used quantum mechanics to posit that trying to travel through a wormhole would create something called a quantum back reaction.

In a quantum back reaction, the act of turning a wormhole into a time machine would cause a massive buildup of energy, ultimately destroying the wormhole just before it could be used as a time machine.

But if you somehow managed get into the wormhole , you would be free-falling through the outer horizon of a black hole. Once you reached the event horizon you’d see an infinitely energetic flash of light from the outside world containing an image of the entire history of the universe.

As you entered the wormhole itself, things would look abnormal. The flow of space would change and instead of being pulled inward, you’d be pushed outward until you saw another flash of light, this time containing the entire future of the universe. 

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