How Can Graphene Reshape the World?

Since the discovery of this semi-metal(Graphene) , it has been setting the world on fire . Today, this new material has the capacity to alter the future. Dubbed a “supermaterial,” graphene has researchers across the world scrambling to higher recognize it. The

Is Panpsychism true or it is a false belief….

Do you believe that awareness or consciousness is everywhere? Is it a fundamental function of the universe, on the very heart of the tiniest subatomic particles? Usual experience tells us that only living matters have an internal life or existence.

Li-Fi The New fast wireless internet…

Light fidelity or Li-Fi is a visible light Communications (VLC) system running wireless communications at very high speeds. Li-Fi makes use of  LED (light emitting diodes) mild bulbs to allow facts switch, boasting speeds of as much as 224/Gbps .

Now it is possible to shoot lasers from the eyes with these experimental contact lenses !!

Scientists can be close to making one of our early life fantasies a truth. Who could have the idea that the future of biometric security systems might contain cows capturing lasers out of their eyes? A crew from the university

Who Are Cyber Criminals And How Do They Operate?

Cyber crimes have quickly end up one of the quickest growing types of cutting-edge crime. In keeping with cyber professionals, approximately 1 million potential cyber attacks are attempted in line with day, and with the evolution of cellular and cloud

What is Stardust ? Are We Really Made of Stardust?

Did you ever wonder about your origin? The stuff that’s inside your body made of. All of these things are product of diverse molecules and atoms. However in which did these little substances come from? and how were they made?

15 Baffling Mysteries Of Our Universe

The universe has been round for billions years, however it still holds many mysteries that keep to perplex astronomers to these days. ranging from dark power to cosmic rays to the distinctiveness of our own solar system, there’s no scarcity

Is Technological Progress Finite or Infinite ?

The issue approximately technological advancement is that it’s inevitable. It’s a part of lifestyles. It does not have a pulse, however it’s a residing component and inside the way of all living matters, there’s growth. Nowadays, it seems as though

Bizarre Things that even science can’t explain

Science is powerful, however there is tons it is able to’t give an explanation for. And whilst people see, pay attention or accept as true with some thing that isn’t always defined, scientific know-how finds itself trying to show things

What happens when the object moves faster than the speed of sound?

As an item actions thru air, it should push some of the air out of the manner. however additionally, the object creates sound waves as it movements via the air. As a transferring supply of sound, the item reasons the

The Ultimate Guide To Be More Creative

Every single person possesses a flow of creative energy, consisting of you. It’s no longer even a question of whether or not you can be creative or not, on the grounds that the solution is without a doubt sure. The

Why can’t you use phones inside airplanes ?

Wait What ! What will this tiny little phone can do to this massive plane ? You think every time when you here to turn off any electronic items when the plane is about to take off. But there is

Video game: how it changes your brain?

Video games are anywhere. With youngsters starting to play easy iPhone games as young as two years vintage, video game dependency has come to be a hassle. however video games can have an effect on our brains in different unexpected

Starvation: What does it do to your body?

If you think that starving yourself is the best way to lose weight, you’re totally wrong! Health experts have stressed, time and again, on the damaging effects of skipping your meals. Now, scientists also support their claims. A new study, published in

How Exercise helps to grow new brain cells and can rewire our brain

Exercise has many benefits, not only for your physical health but also your mental health. In your brain, exercise stimulates chemicals that improve your mood and the parts of the brain responsible for memory and learning. Benefits of exercise