A Journey through a wormhole…

The term wormhole are insanely famous in science friction world and is a term that is heard by everyone . The concept of wormhole has been introduced in many movies like Interstellar, Star Trek etc. But what is a wormhole?

Earth’s magnetic poles moving? How it will affect us?

Earth’s northern magnetic pole is moving speedy faraway from the Canadian Arctic in the direction of Siberia. This movement has forced NCEI’s scientists to update the world Magnetic version (WMM) mid-cycle. What does this mean? Earth’s north magnetic pole has

Is it possible to travel through blackhole ALIVE???

Backhole a term everyone is familiar with . It’s just so fascinating and never fails to amuse us . It has always been a mystery to us in many science friction blackhole is shown to be a portal to another

There are much more than the three state of matter…

Our entire childhood we had been taught that there are three state of matter that is solid , liquid and gas and for many centuries people believed it to be true and sure we did too But recent studied and

What would happen to our universe if time stood still ?

The first thing that would come to your mind after seeing this topic is – SUPERHEROES like flash,Dr.Strange etc. How cool would that be ? What would really happen if it hypothetically comes true ? What are it’s possibilities ?

The darkest material ever made: Vantablack

Just think of any darkest things, place or color you could ever imagine or have ever come across. Now imagine it to be even darker “blacker than the black” and that ladies and gentlemen is our Vantablack. What is vantablack?

IS quantum internet really a thing?

Now before you start reading this article . You may be wondering that… What is Quantum Internet? It is a network that sends information not in the form qubits(quantum bit), not in normal regular bits .In the simplest terms, it

Working less hours can increased productivity…

Studies show that productiveness surely decreases when employees work time beyond regulation. Possibly even more surprising: productiveness increases when employees work fewer hours. For an organizations whose personnel normally works eight hours a day, the concept of reducing the working

What is the exact color of our universe ?

When we have a look at beautiful pictures of the our universe, it is vital to notice that we are searching at isn’t always accurate. Especially in which their appearances are related, these representations can altered to make it better

Magnetars: The strongest magnets in the universe

16 thousand light years away in the constellation lies a very puzzling object . It is a remains of a star that is at-least 30 times more massive than our own sun which exploded as an supernova some were in

Revenge: Does it really makes you feel better?

The struggle with revenge is centuries old . Sometimes, when a person hurts or betrays you, you can sense as although you’d like to hurt them back. however, does in search of revenge simply make you experience any better? When

What really happens when you drink coffee on an empty stomach?

Coffee is one of  the most beloved drinks . Almost every person drinks coffee to boost up their work . It can be used as a great medicine, and it can be taken as a popular drink all over the world.

Bionic arm that can grow with you…

Modern technology has evolved to a whole new level and will continue to evolve in the future. Be it cars , computers or any electronics , it has never failed us. One of the feats of modern engineering that can

What is the strong force that holds the entire universe together?

Our universe was created 13.772 billion years go and has been growing ever since . But one question still arise apart  from the formation and the end of the universe . That is just like sun is holding our solar

Are text messages changing the way we communicate….

There are currently 2.8 billion social media users international. Which means that over a third of the worlds populace use some shape of social media to speak, making social media advertising a vital tactic for reinforcing leads for higher education